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A Guide to DAS 5G and How it Works

In today’s technology-driven world, the biggest fear for users is heading into a commercial building with poor cellular service. As per the above video, DAS 5G can remove all reception issues inside the structure. First, installing a series of small antennas throughout the building will eliminate all network problems.

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1) What is DAS 5G?

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides better, faster cellular service than most towers that sit on top of commercial buildings or large venues. Property owners feel the 5G system is the best source for gaining quality coverage by all major network providers.

2) DAS 5G Technology is Perfect for Commercial Buildings

5G technology rose in popularity for its outdoor coverage. However, most cellular services take place inside commercial buildings. DAS 5G takes this concept and removes the threat of block services from the building materials (concrete or metal). The system limits the amount of dropped calls that occur each day.

3) What Commercial Building Owners Must Consider Before Installing DAS 5G

Installing DAS 5G is a cost-effective project because the system best serves most commercial buildings. But before moving forward with the installation project, consult the property’s IT engineers. They may conclude that the DAS 5G is not compatible with the building’s signal capability. Instead, installing a mid-band DAS is the better choice.

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