How to Keep Your Business Safe from COVID-19

Business opening up for takeout during COVID-19

• Establish a consistent cleaning and disinfection process that includes daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces, as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends. 

• Provide your staff with appropriate cleaning supplies such as EPA-approved disinfectants, gloves, and other protective gear. 

• Create a hands-free environment by utilizing digital payment systems and installing automatic doors and hands-free faucets and soap dispensers. 

• Plan for the next surge of COVID-19 cases by allowing hybrid work and having your employees get tested regularly. 

Small business owners have faced tremendous challenges after the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses have opened up and customers are returning, you must remain vigilant about keeping your premises safe and virus-free. Here are some tips on how to keep your business safe from COVID-19.

Create a Systematic Cleaning Process

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a comprehensive cleaning regimen that includes daily cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, tables, and bathrooms. Create a system for regular cleaning by following these:

Schedule Cleaning and Disinfection

Set aside time in the day to clean and disinfect surfaces. These can be done during regular business hours after customers have left or outside of business hours. Make sure you assign specific tasks to your staff members so that cleaning and disinfection are done on time.

Provide Cleaning Supplies

Ensure you have adequate cleaning supplies for your staff to use when cleaning surfaces. This includes EPA-approved disinfectants, gloves, and other protective gear. After each use, you can use disposable wipes or cloths washed in hot water with detergent.

Train Your Staff Properly

Ensure your staff is properly trained on safely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. This includes understanding the types of chemicals to use, safety procedures for using them, and proper disposal methods. They should also protect themselves while cleaning by wearing gloves and other protective gear.

Develop a Hands-Free Environment

One of the best ways to keep your business safe from COVID-19 is to create a hands-free environment. A hands-free environment allows your customers to interact with your business without physically touching surfaces or objects. This can be achieved through the following:

Utilizing Digital Payment Systems

Encourage customers to use digital payment systems such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal. This will not only keep them from having to touch the cash register, but it can also make transactions faster and more efficient. You can invest in barcode scanners or mobile payment devices to make paying even easier for customers.

A customer paying via debit card through a contactless payment terminal

Installing Automatic Doors

Installing automatic doors can reduce customer and staff contact with doorknobs. You can also look into hands-free door pulls that can be activated with a wave of the hand. This will help reduce the chances of transmitting germs from one surface to another.

Hands-free Faucet and Soap Dispensers

Installing hands-free faucets and soap dispensers can help reduce customer contact with sinks, faucets, and soap containers. Install these in your restrooms and other areas of your business so that customers can access soap and water without touching the fixtures.

Plan for the Next Surge

Although the current surge of the pandemic is beginning to subside, it’s important to plan for the next wave. Make sure you have a plan in place that outlines how you will respond if there is another surge in cases. This should include the following:

Allowing Hybrid Work

For your employees, consider allowing some of them to work from home or in a hybrid model. This will help minimize the risk of spreading the virus and reduce the number of people who need to be physically present in your business. This also helps, especially if they are unlucky to have been infected.

Getting Your Employees Tested

A woman doing a COVID-19 self-test using a home kit

Encourage your staff to get tested and regularly monitor their health. This can help you catch any potential cases of COVID-19 before they become bigger outbreaks in your business. If you or your employees have been exposed to the virus, wait at least five days before getting tested. This way, you can ensure the results are as accurate as possible. Self-testing kits are also available and can be used at home.

Keep Vaccines Updated

Make sure that everyone in the business has the latest COVID-19 vaccines. This helps protect them from getting the virus and prevents them from spreading it to other people. Research your local area to find out when the vaccine is available so that you can ensure everyone in your business gets vaccinated.

Everyone may have seemed to go back to normal. However, taking extra precautionary measures and staying safe from the pandemic is still important. Following these tips can help keep your business safe from COVID-19 and prevent potential outbreaks. Stay informed about the latest developments in prevention and treatments for COVID-19, and ensure that everyone in your business follows all necessary protocols.

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